Amongst the most popular Afrikania items are the Mkomboti pots - traditional beer pots which are produced in various sizes.

Originally the very large pots are used to make, store and serve the beer while the smaller ones were used for drinking. Held with both hands in a cupped fashion, the pot is filled by scooping the beer from the large pot into the smaller ones with a specially crafted calabash called a »sego« in Pedi or »ntseko« in Tsonga. The smaller Mkombotis were passed on from person to person to share the drinking experience in communal fashion.

Traditional beer is made by the women, from sorgum and called mkomboti Pedi and Tsonga. A variant to this is the popular and health giving Marula Beer which is produced during the season which runs from late December until March.

The same pots that are used for beer purposes are also used for carrying and storing water, which is always cool due to the porous nature of these pots, causing a cooling effect through evaporation (view more pictures »).

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